Seed Treatment

We offer premium seed treatment ranging from Saltro® and inoculants to multiple customized blends of fungicides and actives for farmers in the tristate area. The seed treatments we carry are specially designed to meet your farm's needs. 

"For farmers, it's important to Know before you sow"

why Inoculate?

Inoculation is the process of adding effective bacteria to the host plant seed before planting. The purpose of inoculation is to make sure that there is enough of the proper type of bacteria present in the soil for a successful legume-bacterial symbiosis to be established right from the beginning.

Benefits of Fungicide

Treating seeds with fungicide before planting is an important step towards a good harvest. Applying fungicide prevents the spread of plant diseases and protects seed from seed rot and seedling blights. Fungicide also improves germination, provides protection from storage insects, and controls soil insects.

Recommended Seed Treatments

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