A Farmer for Farmers.

In a world where few understand a farmer's values, we are here like a brother at your side.

It’s a legendary legacy

Based out of Dayton Ohio, Huffman LLC supplies a wide range of products and services to those who are involved in the agricultural world. With a four-generation legacy of family farming, the Huffman’s understand the importance of quality and quantity.

However, the superior products offered at Huffman LLC aren’t all that make this family operation outstanding to the individual farmer…

Our products

Our broad selection of seed makes discovering the right variety for your farm a reality.
From fungicides to actives and inoculants, we've got customizable treatment to fit your seed's needs.
Experience the benefits of a well managed cover crop or customize your blend from our broad selection.
We offer in-furrow and foliar fertilizers. Be sure to check out our bulk options for truckload quantities.
Whether it's name brand or generic brands, we offer only the best quality you'll find on the market.
Fight invading insects with the proven insecticide we supply. The bugs won't love you, but that's alright.
Fight the spreading of fungi that endangers both the quality and quantity of your crops.
Improve the effectiveness of your herbicide's application with our select products.

What sets us apart

A lot more goes into a farming than many have to offer. We believe that honesty, dedication, respect, and ultimately a life lived in service to our Creator are of crucial importance. 

Honesty and Integrity

We intentionally strive for honesty and integrity as we work with others. It is our whole-hearted desire to treat others better than ourselves.

Value and Respect

We purposefully value and respect our family, customers, and fellow team members. This mutual respect creates a loving environment which we love to work in.

Dedication and hard work

Hard work never hurts anyone, and we aren’t scared of it. We are dedicated to stand at your side even when things get difficult.

Devoted to our Creator

We seek to honor and obey the Lord in every area of our lives – because, He first loved us and gave Himself for us.

Services we offer

Aerial Application

Have some aerial application needs? We schedule plane, drone, and helicopter application of fungicide, insecticide, and some herbicides.

Custom Seed treatment

It's hard to beat the advantages of custom, and that's why we make it a priority. We're here to prepare and apply the seed treatment you choose.

Crop protection and management

We offer intense crop protection and management plans specially tailored for the specific needs of your farm. 

Financing flexibility

We offer the flexibility of John Deere Financial, a trusted partner who can finance any products you purchase from us. Don't have an account? 

Other custom services

Need something you can't find here? We are here to help in whatever way we can. Nothing makes our day like helping your solve your problems. 


Products in stock. We provide the quality options farmers are looking for.


Square feet climate controlled warehouse located near Dayton, Ohio.


Generations of farming experience. Together, we grow the future.

"Nestled deep within a seed lies the miracle of future"

Endless Selection

 Here at Huffman LLC, we have access to nearly all sources of genetics and germ plasm, allowing us to find the corn hybrids and soybean varieties that will suit your farm like none other. 

The best for you

We are not locked into a particular company's line of products - this allows us to give our customers un-biased advice. Our sole purpose is to connect you with nothing less than the best.

our partners

We have partnered with various renowned companies who are reliable to the core. By working together, we are able to present farmers with the products they have grown to trust.

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