Quality seed
makes the difference

Quality Seed

Resilience, germination rates, and growing season are key factors that make a difference at harvest time. Here at Huffman LLC, we endeavor to supply only the best seed varieties for farmers who have the future in mind. The broad selection we offer also caters to your farm specific management plan.

"Nestled deep within a seed lies the miracle of future"

Endless Selection

 Here at Huffman LLC, we have access to nearly all sources of genetics and germ plasm, allowing us to find the corn hybrids and soybean varieties that will suit your farm like none other. 

The best for you

We are not locked into a particular company's line of products - this allows us to give our customers un-biased advice. Our sole purpose is to connect you with nothing less than the best.

our partners

We have partnered with various renowned companies who are reliable to the core. By working together, we are able to present farmers with the products they have grown to trust.

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