On Huffman LLC's farm, Soybeans Emerge in a Field that was treated with Pre-plant Herbicide

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Value and performance are high on our list of importance, that's why we offer original manufacturer brands and promote select generic brands. In order for us to promote generic brands, they must meet or exceed both the value and quality of manufacturer brands.

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Say no to weeds

The presence of weeds negatively impacts the growth and yield of the desired crop by robbing essentials such as water, nutrients, and sunlight. Another negative impact of weeds is that they provide a haven for unwanted insects and fungi.

Select to Protect

Every crop is impacted by different kinds of weeds, and the herbicides that need to be used will be different. Herbicides that are properly used can control weeds in almost any stage of growth, providing unlimited flexibility for farmers.

Proactive action

Herbicides applied to the soil before planting are called pre-plant herbicides. By using this pre-plant method, weeds are brought into control before the crop is sown, giving the desired crop a head start without the competition of fast growing weeds.

Herbicide brands we supply

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