Whether you are fighting northern leaf blight on your corn, or a bad round of frogeye leaf spots in your soybean field, we've got you covered. With a wide assortment of fungicides to choose from, we give you as a farmer the opportunity to find the perfect product for your needs. 

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Crop Health

 Agricultural crops are affected by an array of foliar diseases which damage plants by killing cells and/or causing plant stress. These systemic foliar pathogens are a major cause for losses in yield and diminished crop quality. 

Plan Ahead

 Fungal infections lurk everywhere - in infected seed, soil, crop debris, and in nearby crops and weeds. By applying fungicide, farmers can proactively fight these diseases before experiencing a major crop loss.

Know the foe

Among the list of foliar diseases found in corn are gray leaf spot, northern leaf blight, common and southern rust, and eyespot. A foliar disease in soybeans is frogeye leaf spot, which is especially severe during wet and humid seasons. 

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