Natural plant oils build up, creating a barrier against exterior moisture, including pesticides

Adjuvants and amendments

Whether battling to gain control of drift and deposition management, looking for a product that fights both crop oils and surfactants, or looking for a adhesive properties to resist wash-off and evaporation, there are answers to your problems. 

"Increasing effectiveness one drop at a time"

Growing Knowledge

 Adjuvants in the surfactant category are designed to improve the dispersing/emulsifying, absorbing, spreading, wetting, sticking, and penetrating properties of a pesticide spray mixture.

Word from the wise

"Research has shown that up to 70% of the effectiveness of pesticides depends on how they are applied. A product may be good, but it has to be applied correctly to reach its full potential. That’s where adjuvants come in."
-François Labrie, Agri-Advisor at Sollio Agriculture.

Double the Benefits

Nitrogen fertilizers can also be used as adjuvants. Humectants, such as are found in ammonium sulfate (AMS), are water-soluble adjuvants that slow the rate of herbicide drying and allow for enhanced absorption.

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