Farming with the community in mind

The first beginnings...

Grandpa Huffman began farming as a share-cropper in the early to mid 1900's. By renting some acreage, he was able to provide for his young family. His passion for building quality relations with fellow workers and other neighbors soon won him a valuable reputation, and meanwhile, his love for farming doubled.

Huffman's first property...

By 1944, Grandpa Huffman signed the deed and purchased his first field near Dayton, Ohio. Together with his sons, tireless labors were invested into their property, while at the same time they continued share-cropping and building values in the community. Their hard work eventually paid off with bountiful harvests.

After a few years, the Huffman family was able to purchase more farmland in order to provide enough resources for their rapidly growing family.

Farming the Legacy Farm

Our family farm has now been a part of our lives for the past four generations, and we still purposefully cultivate the same values we did in the beginning. We are grateful for the rich heritage that has been passed down to us, and we intend to bless others with it.

Values we cultivate

The community concept

We believe that taking time to cultivate good relationships and values with those around us forms the kind of community we all desire. We intentionally strive for honesty and integrity as we work together for the good of others.

Improve the farmland

We believe in farming with the future in mind. In other words, we endeavor to leave the farmland in a better condition than when we started farming it. Much intentional planning and studies go into soil improvements every year.

updated and efficient equipment

We believe that proper equipment is an important part of getting the job done right. We find that by using the latest technology, we can capture precise real-time records which improve both future and real-time crop management along with providing an avenue for environmental stewardship.

Huffman Enterprises

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