It's a family. It's a Passion.

Ever since our family business sprouted four generations ago, our passion has revolved around farming, agriculture, and agronomy. Hard work and togetherness have been the root of our success.

We still get tingles of amazement every time we watch a freshly planted field transform into a lush carpet of green. Satisfaction settles deeper as we admire the golden corn hidden beneath silky ears, yet little can compare with the rejoicing at harvest time.

That’s why our passion for farming has spread beyond our own fields – we’re serious about helping others like you find this same satisfaction. We realize things haven’t been getting any easier for the farmer, and in today’s world, none understand the plights, blights, and mites as well as a fellow farmer will. That’s why we, as farmers, are dedicated to tailoring a custom plan for your needs.

Together, we can grow the miracle of harvest one seed at a time.

Meet the Faces Behind Our Success

Our team is made up of talented and dedicated individuals who work together to bring your vision to life.


Founder of Huffman LLC
2nd generation farmer

James is strongly passionate about farming and believes in achieving the best there is to offer.

James is a huge support on the farm. His experience and advice is invaluable!


Sales, Agronomy, and Farm manager
3rd generation farmer

Philip has a passion for farming and agronomy. He enjoys creating farm management plans for the family farm as well as helping others become more successful in their operations.

Philip focuses on seed, agronomics, and pesticide chemistry management, while building soil life and biology. He specializes in spraying, overseeing crop protection, fertility, and seed selection on the farm.

Philip also finds great joy in being with his wife, who is also the business accountant, and his 6 children.


Operations Manager and Tech Support
4th generation farmer

At Huffman LLC, Eli focuses his energy on seed treatment, corn planting, and other day-to-day operations. He also is the mastermind behind much of the troubleshooting, mechanics and technology we implement. In short, he’s the "go to guy" when something is not working properly!

Eli thrives on growing plants. His enthusiasm multiplied at a young age when he and his younger brother Elbert cultivated tomatoes to sell at local restaurants and to other neighbors. Navigating disease, varieties, and marketing, they earned themselves much useful experience.

Eli is married to a beautiful wife and has a young daughter. Spending time with family, being involved in church ministry, and doing things right the first time are all high on his importance list.


Logistics Management and Management Support
4th generation farmer

Elbert makes deliveries, fulfills orders, manages soybean planting, and fulfills other logistical needs on the farm. He is a strong partner in seed treatment as well. When other needs arise, he is quick to pitch in.

Not only does Elbert share the passion for farming, but he also enjoys assisting others. This has won him many friends.

Elbert is newly married to a lovely wife. During the winter months, they work together collecting sap for their small maple syrup operation. He loves to sing and is very involved in church activities.


Support and Order Fulfillment
4th generation farmer

Ezra is still in school but enjoys learning new things and working with others. He greatly enjoys working on the farm, and during harvest, he is the man at the elevator.

Ezra's expertise shines as he fulfills orders for customers, unloads delivery trucks, and assists those who drop by to pick up supplies.

Ezra is also rapidly expanding his knowledge of agronomics and chemistry.


Support Member

Mark finds joy in farming. Whether driving the truck or seeding soybeans, he enjoys the reward of putting in a full day’s work.

Mark is a lifetime farmer that we have enjoyed working with over the years. He is a great asset to us at Huffman LLC.


Logistics and Support Member

Hi, my name is Ethan. I stay busy hauling grain and fulfilling other logistical needs at Huffman LLC such as delivering grain, seed, and fertilizer. I also assist customers who apply for crop protection plans.

Some things I enjoy doing are meeting new people and joining in church activities. I have a wife and young family, and I love spending as much time with them as I can!

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